Dredger Wezendonk: an innovative transformation

Past year, Holland Dredge Design carried out an impressive project for our customer Wezendonk.

New components
Electrical installation

A dredger from 1992, originally made by our predecessor, was disassembled in Germany and then transported to Harderwijk with the utmost care. After a thorough inspection, it turned out that the condition of the ladder was much worse than initially thought. With an innovative idea, HDD converted the dredger into a powerful 350 mm sand dredger. During the transformation, the pontoons and control cabin were retained to maintain functionality and recognizability, while all other components were completely renewed. An outstanding upgrade was the brand new electrical installation, provided by our partner Droste. Furthermore, HDD equipped the dredger with a brand new Direct Drive underwater motor for the ladder, significantly improving performance and efficiency. HDD is proud of this impressive transformation.

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Holland Dredge Design is built on the knowledge of the well-known company Bagema B.V which is a former international supplier of dredging systems for the extraction of sand and gravel. Jan Bosman, the owner of Holland Dredge Design, is the former CEO of Bagema B.V.

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