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Holland Dredge Design is a company specialized in dredging solutions.

Our principals


HDD thinks ahead! This is more than a slogan. Continuous innovation in the fields of engineering and fabrication guarantees that our customers receive systems which have lower investment and operation costs, longer life of the components and better performances. The main point is a well-balanced mixture of design, engineering and production technology, according to the latest state of technique and traditional workmanship. The international quality management standards play an important role. The delivery of high-quality products at favorable costs will always be a main goal of HDD.


HDD is proud to offer high flexibility regarding the customer’s requirements. Dredging equipment and systems for almost all thinkable situations which may occur during gravel and sand extraction in inland waterways can be supplied. If standard solutions do not fulfill the needs, HDD will design systems and components especially for the respective demand. Each and every product delivered by HDD represents a piece made of bespoken nature.


Long life, high reliability, low maintenance costs, high efficiency - these have always been the properties of the HDD pumps. This standard for sand and gravel pumps is one that HDD considers of most importance. The design of the HDD pumps shows state of the art engineering and offers the maximum and highs in efficiency and reliability. Wear parts such as impellers or housings can be ex-changed without much effort, keeping operating costs low, shutdown periods short.

Wide range

The pump range of the HDD pumps comprises high and low pressure pumps for sand and gravel with quantity capacities of 450 up to 11.000 m3/h. The data of the different pump sizes show overlap. This means there will always be a choice of pumps suitable for each situation. Both pump types are available in underwater or surface design. The underwater pump is available with an electric or hydraulic drive. All pumps are subjected to thorough function tests prior to delivery, so that the required pump performances can be guaranteed.

Some of our recent projects we would like to show you.

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40 meter extension


Seamless Transport


New truck for heavy lifts

Draghead 5025

Sea hopper dredger

Boka E-Dredge


Custom workboat


Electric booster station


products we build

Dredge pumps
Submersible dredge pumps
Hopper Suction Dredgers
Amphibious Excavator
Booster station
Custom requests

Holland Dredge Design offers solid dredgers And dredge equipment for all situations. Thanks to our experience, we know which kinds of dredgers And dredge equipment must be used for extracting sand and gravel in specific conditions, depending on the location, extraction depth, type of soil, water volume and ecological or environmental conditions. Besides our extensive knowledge in engineering, designing and building dredgers and dredging equipment, we also resort and adapt outdated dredgers, and dredging equipment supply spare parts and (re)sell second-hand dredging equipment.

work with us

Holland Dredge Design is built on the knowledge of the well-known company Bagema B.V which is a former international supplier of dredging systems for the extraction of sand and gravel. Jan Bosman, the owner of Holland Dredge Design, is the former CEO of Bagema B.V.

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