In-house transportation: HDD can now transport even heavier and longer weights.

With our new truck crane we can now lift even heavier items.

Palfinger PK165
Heavy Lifting
No product is too large

After driving around for a while with a truck including a Hiab 600 truck crane, HDD is now the proud owner of a Palfinger PK165 truck crane. This enables us to lift even heavier items, and thanks to the semi-low loader, HDD can now transport heavier and longer weights. With our homemade counterweight box installed at the back of the truck, we can even lift in the tightest spaces while maintaining full lifting capacity. In short, no product is too large for us anymore.

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Holland Dredge Design is built on the knowledge of the well-known company Bagema B.V which is a former international supplier of dredging systems for the extraction of sand and gravel. Jan Bosman, the owner of Holland Dredge Design, is the former CEO of Bagema B.V.

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